Creating Anna’s Look: An Interview With Superstar Designer Tylor Devereaux

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our social media, you may have noticed a whole lot of beautiful interior design! We dedicated the entire month of July to showing off all eight of our gorgeous locations. After mini touring each one, we decided to have a chat with the mind who brought Anna’s aesthetic to life, Mr. Tylor Devereaux! Tylor has worked with Anna’s House on its iconic look since we first opened our doors back in 2003. He continues to lend his incredible talents to the Anna’s House team when new locations pop up!


Where did you get your inspiration for Anna’s House’s iconic look?
Anna…who was Anna? Why not create a fictional Anna? How would she decorate? Where would she want to be every day for work?
When I met with the Becketts the first time, what stood out to me was the enthusiasm and pure joy everyone had for the project- especially
Robyn Beckett. When I went into my studio to start, I knew two things for sure: It must be FUN and NO fall color palettes that have been
exhausted by popular breakfast/coffee shops everywhere. I wanted diner, yet not trite. I wanted country, yet funky. I wanted modern,
without being austere. I adored the look when it all fell together and couldn’t have been more excited to show the Becketts. Honestly, I was a little worried they wouldn’t go for it for the simple reason of being SO bright and funky. I underestimated them as it only took about 15 minutes during the presentation meeting for everyone to jump up and down with me with excitement. 95% of what I first presented was implemented in the finished project on E.Beltline. When clients truly let a designer have freedom and do their thing, the end result is exactly what you see in Anna’s today. Not to mention Robyn is SUPER happy.
What does your design process look like?
After 27 years in the industry, I am still in awe of the fact that I love what I do and it rarely feels like work. Every project is different and so is my process. However, in general, I listen to the client, pull out of them what they love and what they hate, gather the information, and let the creative juices flow. The smallest thing can be a springboard such as a chair I stumble on while on vacation, a random ad in a magazine or on TV, or a wallpaper or fabric that I stash away in my “someone is going to get that one” box. My primary goal is to make sure the client is elated in the end. There is nothing better than hearing them say, “I would have never thought of that, but I love it!”.
Do you have a favorite Anna’s House and why?
My heart will always be the East Beltline location, as it was the first. A CLOSE second is Farmington Hills with the tiled ceiling(last minute
decision), zig/zag walls and the first to implement the auto industry twist.
What other projects are you currently working on?
I am super excited to be working on a 5 room boutique hotel in downtown Grand Rapids, a mid-century modern new construction
project in East Grand Rapids, and a Heritage Hill complete renovation for Thacker Sleight attorneys. Oh, and of course, a future Anna’s.

We’d like to give Tylor a big thank you for taking the time to chat with us! If you’d like to keep up with him and all his latest and greatest design projects, you can follow him on the links below. 


Facebook: Tylor Devereaux Interior Design

Instagram: tylordevereauxinterior

Twitter: tdinterior



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