Our Local Partners: Rowster Coffee

Here at Anna’s House, we love supporting our local communities! One way we do this is by partnering with Rowster’s Coffee to bring our guests fresh, high-quality espresso drinks. This week, a few of our team members visited the roastery where it all begins. We met with Kurt, Taylor, Kyle, & Steven, who work hard each day to roast beans to perfection & deliver them to local places like Anna’s House.

Kurt gave us the grand tour, explaining the origin of their top-quality coffee beans. Many of Rowster’s beans start on family-owned farms, where the coffee fruit (often referred to as a “cherry”) is hand-picked at the peak of ripeness. The coffee beans arrive at Rowster’s dense, green, & significantly smaller than a roasted bean. In fact, one of these unroasted beans is so dense that it could break a bean grinder. Once they are roasted, the beans lose about 15% of their weight, transforming into the larger dark brown beans that we are familiar with.

While visiting Rowster’s, our team watched Taylor roast a batch of fresh beans. With more than seven years of experience in the coffee industry, she has mastered the art of roasting. She roasts the beans in small batches to ensure top-quality flavor & freshness. In fact, the roasting process only takes about ten to twelve minutes. Once roasted, beans lose their peak flavor after about three weeks. Taylor roasts each batch to order, meaning the beans are as fresh & flavorful as possible when they arrive at places like Anna’s House.

Our team is proud to partner with another local, homegrown business like Rowster’s. We enjoyed spending time with their team learning more about the quality & origin of our coffee. Freshly-ground Rowster’s beans are the key ingredient in our handcrafted lattes, cappuccinos, & cold-brewed coffee. Come visit one of our locations to taste the delicious final product of this meticulous roasting process!



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