Meet Our Best Friend John

If you’ve visited our Kalamazoo location, you may have noticed a familiar face on occasion. John has been one of our regulars for several years, and even before we were Anna’s House! From Big Boy, to Sophia’s House of Pancakes, to us, John has always been a constant source of happiness to those around him at the Kalamazoo location. Developing friendships with the servers, John has an impressive friend group within the restaurant, and unwavering support from everyone who knows him. Kim, our Assistant General Manger at the location, has been serving him for 8 years now, John still lets her know when he’s popping in for a visit. “It warms my heart every time I come in and they get excited to see me.”

Coming in every morning from his job at the federal court house, he orders his usual, peaches and cottage cheese, an off menu item that we specifically bring in for him. John no longer lives in Kalamazoo, but continues to make the trek from PawPaw to see his friends at Anna’s. “It makes me relaxed, I’ve been eating here forever.” A few years back, John suffered from a severe car crash and had to be rushed to the hospital, where he stayed for months on end, but has thankfully made a full recovery. After the accident, our team sent a care package over to John, that he has kept to this day, complete with a teddy bear he says goodnight to every night. On days when he can’t make it in due to doctors appointments, John is sure to let the team know so no one worries. “They’re my restaurant family. That’s what I like to call them” he says while beaming. The team continues to send care packages over to him on his birthday and Easter.

With his warm personality, and friendly disposition, John has become somewhat of a celebrity at the Kalamazoo location. So much so, that we decided to give him free breakfast for life. When John isn’t at Anna’s House, he’s at his Harley Davison meet up, or rolling a couple strikes at the bowling alley. Stop in one morning and say hello to one of the many people that make Anna’s House so great!




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