A Look Into Our Vegan Menu

After much buzz & anticipation, we’ve finally released our exclusively vegan menu to all of our locations! We’ve been busy testing, editing, & crafting a menu full of delicious plant based dishes that’ll have even the most adamant carnivore coming back for more! Before we dive into the details of the newest members of our vegan menu, let’s become a little more acquainted with a couple ingredients we’ve introduced to our dishes.

Just Egg™ is a vegan egg substitute from the innovative food company, Just For All. Their products range from mayo to ready to eat cookie dough, & they’re all completely plant based. Just Egg™ may look, & taste like the real deal, but these miracle “eggs” are actually made from mung beans. When cooked, these little beans gel & transform into a consistency like that of fluffy, scrambled egg! On top of being a healthy, plant based alternative, Just Egg™ contain no cholesterol, are Non-GMO, & contain 5 grams of protein in every serving.

Along side Just Egg™, we’re serving Impossible™ Sausage from Impossible Foods. You may already be familiar with this meat doppelgänger from our classic Anna’s Impossible Burger. Impossible™ Sausage is an anomaly with how much it looks & tastes like meat. Using ingredients such as wheat protein, potato starch, soybeans, & heme (a fermented yeast that gives the patty its meat flavor), this vegan patty brings all the flavor of a spicy breakfast sausage, with none of the meat.

Now that we have a little more knowledge on the amazing alternatives the vegan food world has to offer, let’s get into Anna’s newest vegan concoctions!

Vegan Breakfast Burrito

Like our original, the Vegan Breakfast Burrito packs all the staple flavors of breakfast into one tasty dish. Start with fluffy Just Egg™, savory Impossible™ Sausage, & smokey Follow Your Heart® Provolone. Add in some crunch, with crisp green peppers & onions. Finish it off with a side of guacamole, house-made ranchero & your choice of potatoes.  

Vegan Chipotle Southwest Bowl

If you’re looking for something packed with smokey, spicy flavors, look no further. The Vegan Chipotle Southwest Bowl is a delicious take on your typical TexMex breakfast, with potatoes, tomatoes, & jalapeños. Finished off with Just Egg™, Follow Your Heart® Provolone, Impossible™ Sausage, & drizzled with vegan chipotle aioli, it’s the perfect way to wake your taste buds up!

Vegan Scramble

What would breakfast be without a good old fashioned scramble? This revamped classic features scrambled Just Egg™, green pepper, mushroom & onion. Folded in with Follow Your Heart® Provolone, Impossible™ Sausage & tomato, it’s a hearty, healthy way to start your day! 

Vegan Waffles & Pancakes

It’s not all savory fare on the vegan menu. We’ve whipped up our own recipe for some sweet, fluffy, vegan waffles & pancakes too! Add your own personal twist with fresh fruit or pecans.

You may recognize a couple dishes that have made their way over from our house menu. We’ve made a couple tweaks to some of our most iconic meals, to make them completely vegan friendly, like our Chocolate Quinoa Bowl (now served with soy or almond milk) or our Very Veggie Panini (we added some Follow Your Heart® Provolone & vegan sourdough!).   

Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or maybe just curious about plant alternatives, this menu packs a wide range of flavors & tons of healthy options that’ll have any foodie coming back for seconds! We’d love to hear about your experience, so remember to tag us in your photos, & remember to use our hashtag #myannashouse to be featured on our Instagram page!



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