Our Local Partners: Bloom Ferments

This week at Anna’s House, our team stopped by to visit one our local partners, Bloom Ferments! Every season, we feature a refreshing new flavor of Bloom’s kombucha. What has been your favorite so far? They are all so delicious that we decided to check out the place where the kombucha-making magic begins. We met with David & the small five-person team who hand-crafts & bottles the kombucha every day.

Bloom started as a small, homegrown company selling bottles of kombucha at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market. Since then, they have grown to offer their products in local grocery stores & select local restaurants. We love supporting our local communities, which is why we are so proud to partner & grow with the team at Bloom.

Each of these barrels holds 50 gallons of kombucha, which will be poured into about 400 bottles.

Not only does Bloom create delicious flavors of kombucha, but they also place high value on using all-natural, organic ingredients. These facts made them an obvious partner for Anna’s House. Each batch of kombucha starts with organic tea & is hand-crafted to perfection. The team at Bloom works hard to create new flavors of kombucha by using organic fresh-pressed fruits, dried herbs, & roots.

Our Anna’s House team has sampled many of Bloom’s delicious flavors in order to bring our guests something unique each season. This season, we chose Strawberry Passion, a brand-new flavor from our friends at Bloom. In fact, Anna’s House is the first & only place where you will find this sweet & tangy drink right now. When we asked David about the creation of this flavor, he informed us that their goal was to craft a sweet, approachable flavor for anyone to try. The sweet strawberry & tangy passion fruit make for the perfect, revitalizing addition to any meal. Come visit us this summer to try it for yourself!



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